First pictures of new PS4? Online rumors claiming “leaked” images of the new Sony Playstation 4

3 years ago
ps4 leak

Sony has now officially introduced hardware for the upcoming addition to the playstation family, the PS4.  But the tech giant still hasn’t officially unveiled the actual console.  Online forums, chatrooms and rumor sites are going crazy trying to pin down possible leaked images of the game unit before its release.

At the unveiling of the new controller and motion sensor presenters played games that were projected on screens in a converted opera house, but the PlayStations themselves were hidden backstage throughout Wednesday evening’s two-hour event.

“I don’t know that the box is going to be something that’s going to have a dramatic impact on people’s feelings about the game. It will be a color and a size fairly comparable to previous consoles,” said Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, the U.S.-based arm of the PlayStation business.

But in a scan of Instagram and various PS4 rumor sites it seems that the image below is the most probable “leaked” image of the PS4 console.  It’s the Play Station fan boy’s choice.

ps4 leak

But until the big reveal we’ll never really know.  In the meantime we can just look through a whole bunch of suspected PS4 designs which are circulating all over the internet:

We’re pretty certain this isn’t it
This is another fanboy favorite but has been said to be an early PS3 design



This is a legit image of the new PS4 controller with touchscreen
Another legit image of the new controller showing the light which is tracked by the PS4 motion sensor. Think Kinect on speed
This is a leaked image of the controller which was first circulated about a week before the official reveal. We’re sure that we will get a better leaked photo of the console soon before it is officially revealed
This is a leaked image of the PS12


And if all this PS4 rumor stuff has you salivating then check out these official trailers for some upcoming PS4 games:

RYOT Note:  Some of these PS4 console images are fake artists impressions but who knows, some could be real!  It takes a creative visionary to imagine and illustrate a future game console.  If you’d like to join a group of other creatives changing the world then check out the Creative Visions Foundation by clicking on their name in the grey box.  Learn more about them and consider making a donation to become a part of this story.

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